Why choose Lab Grown Diamonds?

In this modern world, why not choose a Modern Diamond?
Lab Grown vs. Mined
Ethically sourced:
Because our diamonds are grown in a lab, rather than mined, you can be guaranteed that our diamonds are sourced ethically and are free of any conflict.
grown diamonds are diamonds. They are grown by crystallizing carbon to form diamonds like mined diamonds, the only difference is that ours are grown in a lab, never having to be mined from the earth.
Because our diamonds do not have to be mined from the earth, and because they can be grown in a laboratory, Modern Diamonds are available at an affordable price.
Because Lab Grown diamonds are chemically the same as mined diamonds, they are also as strong as mined diamonds.
Modern Diamonds over 1ct total weight come with a diamond certificate so that you know the carat weight and color of your diamond. All of our Modern Diamonds are H-I/SI

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